About Cedent

Cedent Limited is an investment holding company incorporated on 27 October 2016 as an exempted company under the laws of Bermuda with Registration No. 51967. Cedent seeks to hold equity interests in private businesses operating in new frontiers of the global insurance industry. The firm seeks value creation by building businesses that help the insurance industry grow and solve hard problems yet to be addressed. Cedent employs a contrarian philosophy deeply rooted in proprietary research. The firm’s operating approach is to instate tenured and highly skilled executive boards and management teams and task them with a relentless focus on innovation, new technologies, and long-term growth. Cedent will make investments from its own balance sheet of permanent and patient capital and seeks to develop strategic partnerships with relevant stakeholders early on.



Cedent LLP
22 Chancery Lane
London, WC2A 1LS
United Kingdom

Cedent Limited
8 Par-la-Ville Road
Hamilton, HM 11

E: mailbox@cedent.com

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