Cedent is dedicated to advancing the world’s finest insurance organisations


Cedent is the place where board members in the insurance industry go to develop strategy. Clients from around the world seek our guidance when crafting strategic plans and embarking on new initiatives.


By focusing specifically on the disruptive forces of the next decade, we set ourselves apart as a dynamic and forward-thinking strategy house for the industry.


We offer bespoke services in board advisory, strategic planning, corporate strategy, business intelligence, market assessments, product development, technology partnerships, executive off-sites and briefings.

Cedent Chronicles

Tune in to the Cedent Chronicles podcast to hear Dame Inga Beale, former CEO of Lloyds of London, and other leaders discuss their ideas for the future of the industry.


We also make proprietary investments from our own balance sheet of permanent capital to build businesses that operate in new frontiers to help the industry grow and solve big problems yet to be addressed.

Resilience Economics

Learn more about our joint-venture effort with Nephila to address the worlds largest risk, climate change, by developing a vibrant climate risk insurance market in Bermuda.

Social Impact

We are interested in supporting doctoral research, NGO, and non-profit efforts that address breaking the cycle of poverty through the use of insurance solutions.

Cedent Art Collection

Cedent endeavours to collect artwork with links to the insurance industry. Our website features photographs from notable P&C and life insurance equity analyst Jay Cohen.


Cedent LLP is a limited liability partnership incorporated in England & Wales with Company No. OC428319. It is a body corporate which uses the word "partner" to refer to a member, or an employee or consultant with equivalent standing and qualifications. A list of members and their professional qualifications is open to inspection at the registered office 22 Chancery Lane, London, United Kingdom, WC2A 1LS. Cedent LLP provides consultancy services only and it is understood that in no way should our services be construed as a solicitation or an offer to buy or sell any securities, insurance, reinsurance, or other financial instruments. Nothing contained in the course of our services constitutes insurance, investment, securities, legal, tax or other advice nor is to be relied upon in making an investment, insurance, or other business decision. If you would like investment, insurance, securities, accounting, tax or legal advice, you should consult with your own financial advisors, insurance brokers, accountants or attorneys regarding your individual circumstances and needs. The designated members of Cedent LLP hold equity interests in ventures via Cedent Limited. Cedent Limited is incorporated in Bermuda as an exempted investment holding company that only makes proprietary investments from its own balance sheet of permanent capital. Cedent Limited is not open to any outside investors and does not raise funds or otherwise provide investment advice to others. Cedent LLP and its employees do not act as agents for capital or investments and do not have the authority to bind Cedent Limited to any transaction or agreement.